Buffscouts OFFICIAL Badge Information

Buffscout Badge Information

Here you will find the complete list of Buffscout badges and the descriptions of those badges. Each one represents a skill mastered by the famous lumberjack himself, Biff Bufferson, before he ever attempted to run to the summit of Canalaskada's highest peak: Buff Mountain! Remember boys and girls, it is possible through perseverence, tenacity, steadfastness, and sheer buffness to achieve every one of these badges during your time as a Buffscout. Each badge is available from your Lumber Leader for $5.00 US each. We know you'll do everything you can to earn those badges and make Biff proud!

Buff Badge This is the big one! The badge that signals the completion of a Buffscout's career. Once you've earned this badge, you'll have developed all the skills you need to be a true lumberjack and join Biff on the slopes of Buff Mountain.
Beard Styles This Buffscout can name all 171 distinct styles of beard, in order from least to most dapper.
Beard History Demonstrate comprehensive knowledge of the history and lore of great beards and the men and women who invented and/or wore them.
Beard Practicum Complete an exploration of beard styling techniques through the medium of clay sculpture and found objects.
Field Improvised Beardery Rough country is no excuse for a rough beard. When supplies are running low, a lumberjack's wilderness foraging skills and imagination must compensate.
Principles of Running There's more to running than putting one foot in front of the other. MUCH more.
Tender Foot The buffest lumberjacks can run for miles and miles and miles and miles out of their camps and through endless woods to reach the best lumber. Miles! A sore foot is a proud foot.
Fleet Foot Sometimes a lumberjack has to run just really, really fast. For any number of reasons. This is for that.
Rock Watching This Buffscout knows which rocks to take for granite.
Rock Jumper Science tells us the smallest rocks will one day grow into mountains; so too must a little Buffscout grow into a lumberjack.
Larger Rock Jumper With larger rocks comes larger challenge. Deny gravity's iron grip.
Boulder Jumper Rock formations the world over blush and demur at your swift and confident approach. Leap!
Eagle Eye The Eagle Eye badge rewards Buffscouts who, no matter how fast they run or how far they jump, know to keep a sharp eye out for obstacles that lie ahead, and always prepare for their next move in advance.
Steel Heart Running up a mountain you're bound to hit something, sometime. This Buffscout knows how to take a hit and keep on running.
Advanced Sliding Momentum is velocity times mass times force of will. A true lumberjack can slide up a mountain without losing speed.
Edible Trees of Canalaskada In a survival situation, this Buffscout knows which stumps to chew and which to eschew. (Textbook and bark sampler packs available for purchase.)
Eagle Call Mastery Study the call of the eagle. Be the eagle. Tip your mind feather into the whistling wind and grasp the shrieking approbation of nature. Now repeat the call. Do it again, but better. You are the eagle-kin.
Raven Smarts Ravens are tricky devils, and every lumberjack needs to know how to outsmart them. This Buffscout has proven they won't get fooled again.
Wolf Toss The wolves of Canalaskada are your fiercest opponents. When they turn aggressive there's just no option but tossing them out of the way. This Buffscout will have mastered the art of lupus iactus.
Pocket Axe Safety Beginning Buffscouts must first demonstrate proper safety and maintenance of their very own Pocket AxeTM. (Pocket Axes available for purchase; see your Lumber Leader.)
Axe Theorycraft There's more to chopping than hitting something with an axe. In fact there are three additional things. This Buffscout can name them and their theoretical applications.
Beginning Chopping Roll up your sleeves, lil' lumberjack! This Buffscout has learned the basics of how to put axe to wood.
One Beefy Arm It's important that lumberjacks on the run master the one-armed axe chop. This Buffscout will prove their ability to smash through a sapling in one swing.
Advanced Chopping Moving up from prepared woods to full sized logs, this Buffscout is ready to chop in the wild!
Chopping Capstone Project Conceptualization, design, and completion of a full-scale chopping project such as a log cabin, log courthouse, or log sculpture.
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