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February 13th, 1998 -- Winnebagel, Canalaskada

Greetings Buffscouts! Now that the ice is once again beginning to thaw around Canalaskada's southern ports, it's time for my annual overwinter update. As usual I set up camp at the base of Buff Mountain just before the ground froze solid. Each winter I build a sturdy cabin from fresh-felled logs to shelter and wait through the harsh winter storms. It is during these times when a lumberjack's resolve is truly tested! I made good use of every one of the survival lessons that you, yes you Buffscouts, will learn from your Lumber Leaders. Study, practice, and prepare, Buffscouts! And one day you may join me on the slopes of Buff Mountain!

-- Biff Bufferson


June 12th, 1997 -- Buffscout Headquarters, Canalaskada

We here at the Buffscout Administration have received many questions about the last Annual Buffscouts All Ranges Camp CelebrationTM. We would like to assure you that every Buffscout made it out with only minor injuries -- a credit to Buffscout training and preparation! When we site the camp every year, we try to bring you a bit of the authentic wilderness experience you expect in Canalaskada's untamed reaches. The fact that the incident -- of which you are by now all familiar -- took place just proves how successful we've been in this endeavor. Furthermore, absolutely no link has been formally established between any Beardox product and the incident, and we believe there is none to be found. We look forward to seeing you at next year's ABARCC!

-- Interim Buffscout Director Phil Lumberson

April 25th, 1997 -- Winnebagel, Canalaskada

Greetings Buffscouts! We are but one month away from this year's Annual Buffscouts All Ranges Camp CelebrationTM! Buckle down and practice those Buffscout skills, and you may just qualify for a few new badges. I know you're all as excited as I am.

I wanted to take this time to inform you of a brand new Beardox product. Beardox® Natural Wood Smoke Beard and Hair Styling Product will not only put the brisker in your whiskers, it will fill the air, wh'ever you go, with the delightful scent of smoked salmon! A treat which helped me survive many a long night exploring the Canalaskadan frontiers. Check the back of Lumberjack Weekly for the catalog order form. But hurry! With only one month to go you'll need to place your order now and while supplies last!

See you soon, Buffscouts!

-- Biff Bufferson

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